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CA Final is the last and closing level of chartered accountant course after clearing this stage the applicant become the CA and member of ICAI respectively. To reach at this level student firstly need to clear the both groups of CA Intermediate and also have completed 3 years of practical training before they can appear for this examination. The eligible candidates can register for the CA course and can also pay for the required fees Rs. 36,500(including registration and training fees) online. After done with the registration students can start with their preparations.

From August 2022, the exam forms for the students appearing in the November 2022 exam will open with fees around 3300 and after that student will get the admit card 14 days before their exams. Very important thing in this is that every student must keep in their mind is that the admit card can be downloaded only 3 times. Therefore, students need to take a few Xerox of the admit card. They can know all the information about the CA Final Admit Card, on the website. To clear the Ca Final course students need to get the around 40% in each subject and 50% overall. After this ICAI announces the results nearly after 2 months of last paper.  There are various ways to check the CA Final Result i.e. online, through SMS, and email.

Now we move to the syllabus and subjects for Nov 2022 and May 2023, this course consist of 8 subjects and all these subjects are categorised into 2 groups which means 4 subjects in single group. The sixth paper has more about six optional subjects from which students need to select only one. For the upcoming attempt the ICAI has recently deleted some topics from Paper 4 and Paper 5. In Group 1 the subjects included are SFM, Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics, and Corporate and Economic Law. And in Group 2 SCM and PE, Risk Management, Financial Services and Capital Markets, International Taxation, Economic Laws Paper, Global Financial Reporting Standards Paper, Multidisciplinary Case Study Paper, DT & IT and Indirect Tax Law. Therefore, the students need to practice a lot for such a large number of subjects so along with the proper studies they also require proper guidance. Because of the giant curriculum of Chartered accountancy, the students have a lot of tough time of figuring out how to learn or practice the full fledged syllabus because for the CA intermediate students it can be possible by a chance, if we talk about CA final student the syllabus is not impractical to complete or in fact very hard to remember at the examination.

Nowadays, online tutors make dozens of face promises that they will provide the best services to their students but which one is the best and which one is worst only scrutinized after getting their services, nowadays consumers do not think about the money while spending but the thing they needed is the quality of product or services they get from the provider. If we talk about the educational service provider such as Test series those provide online test for CA, Banking and other competitive exams, but as far the CA course preparations then I would say that GM Test Series is the best test series for the CA aspirants and why they are considered the best the reasons are described in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Along with the test series which means mock test they also provide the very special and productive service such as MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME for the Nov 2022 candidates. In this scheme students would not only get the guidance but along with that they will also get the proper time table for the subjects that how much they need to prepare. Daily targets will be provided to you in which you need to solve this daily targets which will guide you on daily basis and will give you a suitable timetable for your preparation which you can follow to complete your syllabus of CA and see what are the places in which your preparation and focus lacks there can be quantities of concepts which can be lacking so completing this daily tasks can result in getting more depth knowledge about each and every concept to make sure students would have conceptual clarity. There are many options that this test series provides to the students such as students can get the mentorship scheme for the individual subject and as well as for the full course and fee would be also charged according to that. For example if student opts for the one subject then only one thousand rupees will be charged and if he selects the programme for only one group then only half fees would be charged and for the full fledged course 6000, which is very reasonable as compared to the other test series in the market.

Another problem arises where the most of the students faces problem is in the presentation, this program make the student presentation good as students attempt the answer daily and regularly their presentation of the exams are mentored, so that they won’t lose marks in the presentation. As we know the Presentation can be a reason to get more marks as the checker of your tests will be a certified chartered professional so make sure to write your answers in well-behaved format so that it becomes effortless to check the answers for that professional.

Apart from this there are more than 6 different plans or set of test series these plans are all professional sort out by the CA. The most popular test series are the unscheduled test series and detailed test series they have the same set of questions the only difference between them is schedules, In detailed tests are  organized at the given time and you will get the tests according to the scheduled dates to get All India ranking among all of students of GM test series, the unscheduled test series is as same as detailed test series  the only difference in this firstly is that students won’t get ranks like as in detailed and secondly students can do as per the their revision. Now GM Test Series has launched new batch for the May 2023 students which is considered as Special Batch and in this batch only one chapter tests will be included. The major benefit for this is that the students would get the validity till the May 2023.

However one more service is also given which is Fast track option that is also  very good for the scholars because it is mostly helpful for those students who have less time for preparations which means those who are working and they can opt for this mock series as it includes , two-chapter wise test which is of 80 marks of test each and then One full syllabus at the end now this series is scheduled so you will get it according to the dates that has been finalized by the faculty to make sure whole syllabus is revised as soon as possible. For the CA final students the preparation for these test is very vital and detailed test series and one chapter one test series is the most demanding series of our platform.

Another option for a mock test is the "one chapter, one test" option, which allows you to thoroughly assess your conceptual understanding of each and every chapter. This option will give you a test with 20–25 marks, and you can turn it in at any time before the validity period for the entire test series has passed. You can check the whole schedule or format of the exam in general fee's structure on the website and on the GM Test Series App as well. Currently, this one chapter one test mock series is unscheduled, so you will receive the entire test at once.

Following this CA test series planner, a student can cover an enormous amount of syllabus which is 70% to easily score an exemption in all the subjects. This planner will automatically be uploaded to your portal after you purchase mock test series from our portal.

Moreover notes that you will get are from the same teachers who created the tests you are attempting we have all the subject wise teachers at GM test series. Multiple choice questions will be given to you according to the subjects that require multiple choice questions.

Take advice about your condition or we can say the level of the preparation  a particular CA would be assigned for you so that you can tell him/her your problems and everything and you will get the support of a professional to make sure you are doing the right thing for your next attempt or preparation. Try our CA mock test series to get the best knowledge so that goal is set out to achieve.



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