CA Foundation Test Series for Nov 2022 and May 2023

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Title: CA Foundation Test Series for Nov 2022 and May 2023

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CA Foundation Test Series for Nov 2022 and May 2023

GM Test Series, which has more than 5 years of expertise in this industry of delivering mock test series, has had remarkable success by assisting students as effectively as possible by integrating the best services into a single package. This historic achievement was made possible by a team of professional chartered accountants with more than 10 years of teaching experience. These knowledgeable faculty members combined the best set of questions in each mock test and offered assistance to all students having trouble with their preparation by reviewing the test series that our students had purchased. Additionally, you may have our faculty review your certified copies and provide you with advice in accordance with their findings before choosing which exam series to take based on their recommendations.

Test Series

GM test series has more than 6 different plans to suit your needs as you require. There are more than six various exam series or plans available on our website, all of which have been professionally sorted by knowledgeable faculty. The most often used strategies are the Detailed test series and the unscheduled test series; both contain the same set of questions; the only distinction is in the schedules. The detailed test series is scheduled, and you will receive the tests in accordance with those dates to be ranked among the thousands of students taking the GM test series.

The unscheduled test series is identical to the detailed test series, but you can receive those tests right away after making a purchase to attempt the questions whenever you like; however, you won't be ranked in this test series option.

The next choice is the one chapter one test, where you may completely assess your conceptual understanding of each and every chapter. In this option, you will receive a test with 20–25 marks, which you can submit at any moment before the validity period for the entire test series has passed. You may check the entire schedule or test format in general on the website. The website as well as the GM Test Series App also have the pricing structure available. Currently, this one chapter one test mock series is unscheduled, so you will receive all the tests at once.

Fast track option is also very beneficial for students because it is typically for those who have less time to prepare and they can choose this mock series because it includes an interesting package of tests, two chapter-wise tests that are each worth 80 marks, and one full syllabus test at the end. Since this series is scheduled, you will receive it in accordance with the dates that have been decided upon by the teachers to ensure that your syllabus is covered as quickly as possible. The most challenging series on our site for the CA final test series is one chapter one test series.

If you want to take a 100-mark exam that covers the entire syllabus, you can purchase one test for each topic or two tests that cover the entire syllabus for each subject. Both tests are scheduled, and you can check the schedule on the portal of the website or application. On our platform, these strategies are also offered for the CA Inter level and are known as the CA Inter Test Series.

Complimentary services

Whether you are a CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, or CA Finalist student, GM Test Series ensures that you as a student will receive all the required resources pertaining to your specific level of CA as part of your mock test series. Therefore, as part of this service, you will receive notes for each topic for which you purchase test series from our GM Test Series portal.


We have all of the subject-specific teachers at GM test series, so the notes you will receive are from the same teachers that prepared the exams you are taking. You will receive multiple choice questions in accordance with the subjects that call for them.

45 Days Planner

The 45-day planner is a fantastic tool offered to all students who struggle to organize their studies. When test preparation is nearing its end and there are many topics or ideas that need to be covered, students should follow this planner step by step for results that are truly astounding. The planner for this CA exam series directs students in such a way that all pertinent topics—including the key ones like indirect tax legislation, financial reporting, strategic financial management, corporate and allied, etc.—will be covered for each subject. By using this CA test series planner, a student may quickly complete 70% of the curriculum and receive an exemption in all topics. After you purchase the ca mock test series from our site, this planner will instantly be published to your portal.

Mentorship Program

Every CA student understands the importance of having a mentor in their life who can help them overcome every challenge on their path to becoming a CA. The most crucial aspect of mentorship is that you may inherit your mentee's expertise by paying attention to their advice and taking their lead.

You will receive a variety of benefits and assistance from the GM test series experienced professors in this mentorship program for the preparation course. You will be given daily objectives, which you must complete. These objectives will serve as a daily guide and provide you with a suitable timetable for your preparation, which you can use to finish the CA syllabus and identify any areas where your preparation and focus are lacking. Since there may be many concepts that are missing, completing these daily tasks can ensure that you have a thorough understanding of each concept.

The next section is where most students struggle a little, and that section is presentation. The daily assignments that are assigned to each student in this mentorship program will assist a student in making sure that every question's response is presented in the best possible manner for the professor. As the test checker will be a recognized chartered professional, writing your answers in a mannerly structure will make it easier for that expert to verify the answers. Presentation might be a cause to gain extra marks.

How It Works

The first step is to make notes and decide which exam you want to buy. As we already said, there might be various reasons for this, so consider your shortcomings. Can it be a concept clarification issue of any kind from the entire curriculum?

Due to the extensive syllabus for chartered accountancy, students often struggle to learn or practice the entire syllabus because, while it may be possible for CA intermediate students to do so by chance, for CA finalist students it is either impossible to complete or extremely difficult to remember during the examination.

There are a total of 8 courses in intermediate level and also in ca final, however there are differences in each subject's curriculum, so be careful to develop a strategy for picking your own test series. As you are aware, we offer advice to all students once their exam is sent to us, but in a tricky situation, if you are having trouble deciding what to do next, you may seek advice to pick the correct test series for yourself.

In order to ensure that you are doing appropriately for your next try or preparation, get advice from the specific CA that we will assign for you. Explain to him or her your concerns in detail. After clearing your head and deciding what you want to accomplish, get our CA practice exam series.

Every student in India may purchase the CA exam series since it has been designed in such a manner that it is as reasonable as possible thanks to the various services that are being offered along with it. After downloading the exam, begin taking it on a notepad, and after you've finished, snap clear images of it and upload it on your portal in the test series section.

In order to prevent you from failing the exam, we must create a report about your presentation skills and concept clarification, which will take us 48 hours to complete. However, in the end, it is up to you to take the advice we give you and apply it to yourself in order to achieve the desired results.

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