CA-Inter (New Course)

CA Intermediate (Inter) exams are going to commence from 2 May (Tentative)  2020 attempt. Only a limited time is left to prepare yourself. Start studying in a proper manner from now onwards and divide your study in different parts. Fix a daily target as to which topics you will cover in a day. Whatever you revise should be parallely written and Practiced. Evaluation of Test Papers takes 2-3 days. After you get the papers checked, note down your mistakes and try to work on them. Write all the CA Inter Online Test Series may/june 2020 papers regularly. If you are appearing for a single group you will get 24 tests and for Both the Group a total of 48 tests will be there to attempt. All the Test Papers will contain fresh questions, which will force you to think.


Online CA Test Series for Intermediate will be preprared after the past year analysis of important topics and frequent questions. You will find that in ICAI exams, most of the questions are picked from the Material with a slight change in figures and adjustments. This is done so that students learn the answers and the balancing figures. Do follow this appraoch in CA Inter exams. In our Test Series too, you will find that wre have twisted and tricked the questions with new adjustments. We dont directly copy the Questions from material as most other Test Series do. Fresh material is what differentiates us from others.


CA Intermediate preparation should be done in such a way that you pick up 2 subjects daily, 1 theory part and the other practical part. Write down and Practice atleast 50% of the Total Practical Questions. Attempting the GM Tests is very important on a daily basis. When you get back the evaluated sheets, check your mistakes and try to improve them. Mark down the weakness with a marker. Duringf exam days it becomes easy to identify that which mistakes you comitted in the tests. Most od the students buy the Detailed Test Series Intermediate Plan as it consists of 5 Chapter wise Tests and 1 Full exam per subject.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Regarding Test Series
Q-1 Do we have to write the tests on the same day of the schedule?
Q-2 Chapters mentioned in the test schedule are as per which book?
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