CA Intermediate Test Series for Nov 2022 and May 2023

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Title: CA Intermediate Test Series for Nov 2022 and May 2023

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CA Intermediate Test Series for Nov 2022 and May 2023

Due to the extensive material that a candidate must master in a year, chartered accounting students have several difficulties when attempting to pass the CA inters test. Why has passing the CA Inter exam become so challenging for students? The explanation is straightforward: in order for students to pass the CA inter exam in a year, the 3 years' worth of material that a B.COM student must learn has been included into the CA inter syllabus.

Although these steps are necessary to develop the best versions of themselves and the necessary skills that a CA must possess, most aspirants are still unable to fully realize their best selves and pass the exams. This is because of the extensive syllabus and groundwork that is required of them in order to attempt the final stage. Since the success rate was just approximately 6% as of the previous year, students frequently question where they fall short. The sheer absence of support for students pursuing this career is the cause.

Test Series

GM test series is hence offering every significant benefit to the students who are struggling to pass the last level of the CA examination. The exam series is based on the most recent pattern made public by the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants. If you want to practice thorough test series, scheduled series to attempt papers in a set amount of time so that your time management is good, or unscheduled series for those who want to finish the test without any set deadline and submit it, we have five different types of test series from which to choose. We provide tests covering the entire curriculum as well as one chapter at a time, covering every topic in-depth.

Doubt Solving

Another thing a student will always receive from us is guidance, which will be really beneficial to them. Our doubt-clearing service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any student who has joined us whenever they are feeling puzzled, wish to comprehend a subject, or have any issues with the test series. Our qualified staff of CAs can resolve your doubts via live video session or regular phone contact. There is also a mentoring program available where you will receive daily assignments to accomplish and a live video chat each day regarding your progress as a mentee. Your mentor will monitor your progress throughout and will take care of any areas where you fall short.

Latest ICAI Pattern

The exam series is created by subject-specific specialists and is based on the most recent ICAI pattern announcement. The most important thing a student should do is help themselves, and the CAs on our team will always do that. Because of the tension that can be felt when the competition is fierce, students frequently get confused and unmotivated. According to reports from each year, kids are finding it harder and harder to pass the test. Many students have benefited throughout the years from seeking advice from a real CA.

45 Days Planner

Students are given a planner to assist them maintain a rigorous schedule that aids in finishing the crucial themes and ideas; if a student genuinely follows the plan after 45 days, his syllabus would be 70% finished (for ca finals). Students can use the MCQs and study materials as additional attachments to aid in their preparation. You may really submit a question and receive a response in less than 24 hours because doubt clearing is available around-the-clock.

The student will become aware of his or her errors in the exam series, how they occurred, and if he was able to comprehend the questions. The writing style you use in the CA exam is crucial because it demonstrates how you represent yourself. For this reason, you will be given the top scorers' mark sheets or answer sheets to compare with your own, not to demoralize you but rather to give you an idea of the best writing style and presentation.

Mentor-ship Program

A specific curriculum called the GM Mentoring Program was created by professionals to assist students seeking any of the following degrees: Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), or Certified Management Accountant (CMA). The students receive daily goals that they must complete in addition to their coaching.

The mentor ship is given in accordance with how much self-study a student is undertaking. The students will be guided by a group of topic-specific specialists, with one expert handling several subjects or a separate expert for each subject. On the GM Mobile App or through the Website Portal, a student will be given a daily goal.

This daily goal will range from 7-9 hours. There will be a break of one-half day after every fourth consecutive day if students miss the daily goal due to outside job or an emergency.

After a certain chapter is finished, there will be a written test that will be given two to three times a week. It will be a 90-minute chapter-by-chapter test. Along with the mentoring, a schedule for the test paper will be supplied.

You will have the chance to ask questions and receive expert responses; you may do this by using the website's doubt portal. Your questions will receive a response within 24 business hours.

A 45-Day Study Planner will be given to each student, and it will instruct you on how to proceed with your preparations during the last 45 days. This planner will help you choose what themes are crucial and how to rewrite the most crucial chapters first and the least crucial chapters afterwards. The GM ABC Analysis is another name for this.

The A, B, and C category items included in the ABC Analysis will provide students a clear indication of how much time they should spend on each chapter.

Professional tests need good time management skills. So, the GM Team will advise you on how to efficiently manage your time so that you may earn a decent grade.

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