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Topic:Schedule of mentor program ?

VALLURI VASANTHPosted on 9th April,2023 08:05 AM

Still didn't receive my cma inter 2016 syllabus mentor program schedule and call from mentor. Please try to send my Time table today.
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Ketaki Deshpande says Replied on 10th May,2023 07:57 AM

I'm not able to open company law test 2. It's showing test 1 in all 4 tests

Shruti says Replied on 1st May,2023 12:54 AM

haa mentorship program is worst , whenever i ask doubt from mentor he can't able to answer and used to say that I'll ask someone and tell you then never answers back ... nd after 2-3 weeks no calls nd nothing it's seriously a waste of money..

Ramchandra Panuganti says Replied on 29th April,2023 01:19 PM

well mentorship program is falling short of what was said will be provided

Manish Mahato says Replied on 14th April,2023 12:10 PM

since almost one month, mentor hasn't contacted me. i also don't bcoz he is useless & not interested in mentoring.

Manish Mahato says Replied on 14th April,2023 12:07 PM

even when i said that i m not able to study, he replied "give test, u will know ur progress, ok? " & he cut the call. And, In 1st call when i explained him everything in detail & asked one specific question regarding how to approach both groups, he just said "do as you wish, there's no issue".

Manish Mahato says Replied on 14th April,2023 12:02 PM

mentor is worthless. my mentor ( Karan Deora) used to text me once in 2 weeks, now have stopped that too. And on call (hardly 2 mins), only thing everytime he said.. "give test, start from small chapters, increase hrs gradually". mentors need to learn how to be mentor 1st. never asked which subject i m doing, how much is left, how much i am scoring, nothing & no strategy.

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