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The best GM test series app for May 2022, Nov 2021 and may 2023 in which all types of functions including is GM Test Series App. Student can download our android application directly from Google play store and can use directly with same login and password as on web no need to register again on App, all functions on web is included in CA Test Series app for May 2020, Nov 2020 and May 2021 for the convenience of CA students.

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Students can directly login to CA Mock Test Series Mobile App and can choose their course, then select plan as we are having for types of plan as follow:
  1. Detailed Test Series
  2. Unscheduled Test Series
  3. Full Syllabus Test Series
  4. Fast Track Test Series

These plans are available under CA test series app for all the following courses as follow:

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA IPCC
  3. CA Intermediate
  4. CA Final Old
  5. CA Final New

After the selection of course and plan student can directly pay on app no need to go on web for payment.

Some of the best functions of CA test series app of GM Test Series are as follows:

  1.  Student can download test from app.
  2.  After downloading, attempted sheet of student can be uploaded from app.
  3.  Same can be evaluated by our team and result of student will show to him on app.
  4.  Doubt portal is also present under CA Test Series app for May 22 ,Nov 21 and May 23
  5.  Best ranker will also be given on app.
  6.  Any sheet of student can be uploaded on ca test series app after clicking photo from candidate mobile.
  7. So in the end we can say that best CA test series app for May 2022, Nov 2021 and May 2023 is only with GM Test Series App.

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