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CA Education (GM TEST SERIES) organises Online CA Test Series at all CA Levels in which more than 10,000 Participate each year. CA TEST SERIES Schedule is designed by experts into 5 parts and Tests are taken accordingly.

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Why GM Test Series is Different

  • Systematic Test Series Schedule designed by experts
  • Reasonable Fee is charged
  • Checked Sheets in 1-2 days
  • Faculty Nos. for doubts
  • More than 200 PDF for Practice which includes MCQ, Practice and Summary Notes

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It’s been a long road. Take a moment to reflect on everything you’ve achieved! Student can login if they are having an account otherwise register from registration option and link with our website. After login or registration fill a form, choose a course etc. Upload annexure with necessary attestations. Make payment and download a PDF.

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Features of Online CA Test Series (GMTestSeries.com)

1) A set of 6 Tests will be taken. Initially, 5 Tests will be Chapterwise and Final Test will be of Full Syllabus. Papers will be as per the New MCQ Pattern

2) Papers will be Evaluated by experts (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and other Professionals) and given back to students in 1-2 days.

3) Suggested answers will be provided for all the tests.

4) Faculty Nos. for Doubts will be shared through which students can contact them and know about the mistakes they committed in the Tests

5) Important Notes, Practice Questions and MCQ Questions will be provided which will help students cover the entire syllabus with ease.

6) Papers will be Updated on the Website as per the Scheduled Dates and all the Papers will be valid till 30 April (for May Attempt) and 31 Oct (for Nov Attempt).

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Regarding Test Series
Q-1 Do we have to write the tests on the same day of the schedule?
Q-2 Chapters mentioned in the test schedule are as per which book?
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