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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, you need not write the tests on the same day, in Unscheduled and One Chapter one test series, papers are provided at once and can be written anytime upto 15 Nov (for Nov attempt) and upto 15 May (for May attempt). In Detailed, Full Syllabus and Fast track test series, papers are provided as per scheduled dates and can be written anytime upto 15 Nov (for Nov attempt) and upto 15 May (for May attempt).

Chapters mentioned in the test syllabus are as per the ICAI Study Material.

Both detailed and unscheduled test series have same number of test papers i.e 5 Chapter wise test and 1 full syllabus test for each subject. The content of test papers is also same. Only difference is of the dates, Detailed test papers are released as per the scheduled dates while unscheduled test papers are provided at once.

Test Papers will be checked and proper comments and suggestion to improve will be provided on each sheet. Check sample Checked Sheets here- https://www.gmtestseries.com/SampleCheckedSheets.

Suggested answers are provided for each and every test, it will be provided when you attempt a test and upload the answers, you will not get suggested answers if you don’t write a test. However, suggested answers for all the tests are released 15 days prior to when the exams commence even if you have not written a test.

Topper Sheet i.e paper that get highest marks will be available for each test, you can compare your performance with it and improve.

All India Ranking will be given only in case of Detailed Test Series, Full Syllabus test series and fast track test series. All India Ranking is given only when a student attempts the test on same day as mentioned in the schedule. For example- If a test is scheduled on 20 Sep, you have to write the test upto 20 Sep midnight.

No, it’s not mandatory to write and upload tests in the given time span, you can write and upload the tests any time and day upto validity period.

Question papers will be provided on the website or Mobile App. You have to download the tests from your portal after logging in. Check this video to know process- https://bit.ly/2YYdTad.

There is no fix time to write the tests, it can be given at any time as per your convenience till expiry of tests.

Test Papers will be covered from all the institute sources which include Study Material, Mock Test Papers, scanner, RTP, Previous year papers, Practice Manual and also there are self framed questions by our experts.

Test Papers will be checked by professional Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary or Cost Accountants having minimum 5 year experience.

Student will get Test Papers + Notes + MCQ Bank + Top 50 Questions + 45 Days study planner + Doubt solving from faculty + Video Sessions from subject wise experts. The above stated facilities are available in all the test series plans.

No. You have to write the tests by just sitting at home; you need to go to any place to write the tests.

Test copies are checked in 2-3 days. Our average time to check the test copies is around 90 hours.

Test Papers are designed by subject wise experts who have expertise in their field. Test Papers are prepared keeping in analysis the latest trend of questions and what all are the expected questions in the upcoming exams.

GM Test Series has got All India Rank 1 for 3 consecutive times, more than 1.5 lakh students have availed the test services since last 5 years.

Suppose if a test date is scheduled at 18 Sep, test papers will be released on 17 Sep midnight which can be written any time and day till the expiry of test papers. 15 Nov (for Nov attempt) and upto 15 May (for May attempt).

Yes. For that go for the Fast Track test series which consists of 2 test papers of 50% syllabus each and 1 Full test.

Yes, Test Papers are provided for both old and new course.

Test Series can be purchased for single subject also, it’s not compulsory to purchase it for the entire 4 or 8 subjects.

Test Papers will be provided to you in PDF Format which can be downloaded and also you can take a printout of it.

Payment can be made through all the modes including debit card, Credit Card net banking, UPI and all wallets are also accepted. In case of payment from outside India, contact technical head on Whatsapp No. 9070800090.

For contacting faculty or having a telephonic conversation with them, you need to raise a query in the doubt portal in your login, after that faculty will contact you in next 24 to 48 hours.

You can contact or whatsapp us on 9070800090 from 9 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday. You can also raise a mail on info@gmtestseries.com.

Using doubt portal you can directly talk to the faculty who have checked your sheet.

A mentor will be assigned to you who will regularly check A mentor will be assigned to you who will regularly check your progress and daily targets and you can get into direct contact using the doubt portal.

Yes, in cases like this you can request to re upload the answer sheet through portal.

For refund and cancellation Policy visit- https://gmtestseries.com/RefundCancellationPolicy.

Test will only be checked once whether you attempt it twice or thrice

After the expiration of the test it will not be checked, although you need to pay extra charges to get it checked.

Yes it is available on both the apple and play store.

Yes you can but you will not get ranking among the students who have opted for the same test.

The expert faculties who have more than 10 years of experience in this field will check your test and will make proper report about your performance.

Yes, our system will automatically generate the PDF of your test.

Yes, our system will automatically generate the PDF of your test.

The discount amount will be the same even if you purchase single subject or group.

Yes every latest amendment is included in the test as soon as it is officially declared.

As of now gm test series is only available online.

Yes, gm has an account on facebook, instagram, telegram, twitter, etc

Yes, we do check the certified copies on a minimum charge of 200/- only.

Every available payment method is available to make a purchase with on our portal.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Regarding Test Series
Q-1 Do we have to write the tests on the same day of the schedule?
Q-2 Chapters mentioned in the test schedule are as per which book?
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