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Topic:answers heel not checked ?

IshaPosted on 29th April,2024 12:50 PM

I attempted audit paper but after checking it shows 0 marks stating write page no but the series is chronologically correct pls someone provide contact no to connect with gm test series and waht will be solution if anyone knows?
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Lokesh says Replied on 6th May,2024 01:10 PM

I have purchased test series of ca inter paper taxation but still didn't get test papers on app...

Sameer Girish bhinde says Replied on 3rd May,2024 04:11 PM

they have written a note on left hand side of the page saying mention page numbers. add page numbers and then resend the answer sheet

Avtans Agrawal says Replied on 3rd May,2024 10:23 AM

they check answer sheet not answers heel 👍🏻

vishal says Replied on 30th April,2024 07:54 PM

you can contact gm series by clicking left side button in contact us

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