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Topic:Shareholder director as non rotational ?

Akansha GoelPosted on 26th July,2022 01:15 PM

will a Small shareholder director be considered in total no of directors us 152(6) for calculating limit of rotational directors even if he himself is non rotational? or we will reduce it from total like independent director?
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Sanjay says Replied on 31st July,2022 02:16 AM

Nope Akankasha SSH director may be independent director , if you have appointed as SSH director as independent director then reduce it from total , if you have not appointed as independent director then don’t reduce it from total. But SSH cannot be rotational director so you should appoint in non roational director as max we can appoint non rotational 1/3 hope it makes your doubt clear

Divyaksh Vashisth says Replied on 28th July,2022 12:04 PM

Reduce it from total

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