How is mentorship program helpful in CA exams

Title: How is mentorship program helpful in CA exams

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How is mentorship program helpful in CA Exams preparation

Mentors play an important role in encouraging a mentee towards a bright future, sharing the knowledge which a mentor possesses is really valuable and in order to learn that experience mutual communication, trust and respect should be present in between both of them. For further development both sides should share ideas and discuss views and progress for future development

What will be the benefits for mentors?

There are some other benefits for mentors other than developing the mentee to become a professional, here are some great benefits for mentors.

Ø      Mentors can develop their style in teaching and their own leadership.

Ø       A lot of opportunities will be coming in his/her way to reflect on their own practices and goals.

Ø       There will be a development on their career records.

Ø       He/she will be recognized as a leader and expert.

What will be the benefits for mentees?

Mentees can get a professional guidance while mentorship, including encouragement and professional benefits, here are some great benefits for mentees.

Ø      A mentor will teach you how to expose new ideas and creative ways of thinking

Ø      Guidance on how to overcome weaknesses and developing strength

Ø      Your recognition within a company will increase.

Ø      Guiding you on advancing and professional development.

Ø     You will have a great opportunity to generate new skills and knowledge


How does mentorship program works:

Ø     This mentorship program is provided by professional teams of CA (Chartered accountancy), CS (Company secretary), CMA (Certified management accountant) experts.

Ø      The students will be given a daily target that they need to achieve with their coaching going on otherwise if they are self studying than the mentoring will be provided suitably.

Ø      The student can look for the given daily target on gm mobile app or website but in case if he/she is not able to do so then a gap of Half day after each consecutive 4th day will be provided to the student after the 7-9 hours of timing of daily target.

Ø      At gm test series all the experts are given 1 subject each but sometimes one expert could be given more than one subject to handle.

Ø      Tests will be conducted after completion of each subject which will happen 2 or 3 times a week and it will be 90 minutes long, the schedule will be provided with mentorship program.

Ø      A fully detailed study plan will be given to you, which will advice you on how to carry forward in the last 45 days.

Ø      This planner will also explain you about the most important topics and how to practice them, also known as GM ABC Analysis.

Ø      ABC analysis holds 3 category A, B, C, which will provide details about which subject that particular student needs to devote their time the most and the least.

Ø      Time management is another feature at gm test series in which you will be guided to complete the test in time and get a good score.

Ø      There is a doubt portal option on the website in which you can get your queries solved by experts within 24 hours.






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