Why written practice is important in CA final exam.

Title: Why written practice is important in CA final exam.

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As an aspirant we are preparing for ca final exam we are always in a confusion about what is the most important thing to do in order to pass CA exam, we're going to discuss about the most essential thing that can make our hard work pay off. writing practice is a key factor in clearing the exam, as the syllabus is too vast to cover and we need to at least cover it up as much as possible there is still a lot to cover and the best way to do it is to try practicing it on paper as much as possible.

Subjects like AUDIT and LAW require a lot of writing practice because these are the most difficult subjects to attempt in 3 hours,so in order to complete the CA test whether its ca foundation, ca intermediate or ca final series course, you need to practice your writing as much as possible.

Time allocation is an important factor because while attempting to solve a sum in the exam or even if you are trying to write theoretical answer it should be done quickly, 3 hours are so less for the type of questions and difficulty the aspirants face in the exam it might take a lot of effort but its worth everything for example, if in exam you know the answer of a question and you have no writing practice properly you are going to be in anxiety and you might miss some question or you might answer a question incorrectly.

Practicing on GM test series will help you in several different ways; it will enhance your writing speed of course but practicing test series will make you understand it more clearly. You can judge your own preparedness after attempting your choice of test series and know how much it takes you to complete a test of 3 hours; it will train your mind in a way to be the best in those important 3 hours of your life. All the guidance will be provided to you by GM test series professionals whether you are preparing for CA foundation, CA intermediate, or CA final test we have got you covered for all the difficulties you will face.

 After you complete your mock test if you have any problem or queries about time management or topic or anything related to CA we are here to help you in any way possible.

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