CA Final Test Series Schedule

CA Final

2 more attempts are left for CA Final Old Course students i.e May 2020 and Nov 2020. After these 2 attempts, its compulsory to shift on to the New Course of CA Final. There is a difference in syllabus under both CA Final Old and New course. So it has become a challenge for the Old Course students to pas their ICAI exams in these 2 golden attempts. Dont take this thing as a pressure on yourself, rather take it as a challenge and study in a smart way. Practice more and more Questions from ICAI Material and write the CA FInal Test Series. GM main approach is to prepare the students for the worst. How difficult is the ICAI-CA Exams does not matter to the students who have solved the GM Mock Test Papers.


For all the sunjects including FR, SFM, Audit, Law for Group 1 and AMA, ISCA, DT and IDT for Group 2, you need to solve only 2 things to score an exemption. the First one is the ICAI Practice Manual / Study Material and the Second one is the GM Test Papers. From the past 3 attempts survey, students who have scored 60+ marks in the GM Mock tests have scored 70+ marks in the CA Final Exams. This means that we generally ask questions which are difficult and tricky as compared to the ICAI exams. So solve the Test Papers with full honesty and follow a regular approach. Write the Tests without and cheating with full sincerity and we gurantee you the results.


Focus more on the Theory portion as most students struggle in Advanced Audit and Corporate and Allied Laws in Group 1 & ISCA and IDT in group 2. Write down and Practice in a Time Bound Technique. Focus on speed becuase AMA and FR exams are considered to be lengthy. Speed and Presentation will be drastically improved if you attempt all the CA Final Old Course Test Series in a time honoured manner. Test Series will be commencing from 10 Dec 2019 for the Unscheduled plan and later in February after the Results for the Detailed Plan. After that we will be launching the New Fast Track plan for Quick revision in March and then the Full Syllabus Plan.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Regarding Test Series
Q-1 Do we have to write the tests on the same day of the schedule?
Q-2 Chapters mentioned in the test schedule are as per which book?
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