COC - Santosh Kumar Sir

With the ever-changing world, the necessity of a shift in the education system is a must. In today’s world- we tend to not waste our time in travel or shifting to a different city for education. So, with the mission statement- If a student is ready, the teacher will appear! , CA/CMA Santosh Kumar founded COC. The goal is to provide conceptual knowledge to all or any commerce students instead of mugging up books. Video classes are provided for CA/CMA/CS/B.Com-M.Com XI-XII (commerce) students in Pen-Drive/SD card/Download link mode which may run on Windows 7 & above laptop/computer or android phone. We promise you that, if we see you bringing one step forward then we'll take you to level up by our support and care in getting the concepts clear for once and all.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Regarding Test Series
Q-1 Do we have to write the tests on the same day of the schedule?
Q-2 Chapters mentioned in the test schedule are as per which book?
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